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ok, so i live in los angeles, an urban environment filled with remarkable and iconic architecture.  i mean, within a few miles of my house there are neutras and schindlers and lautners and wrights and more mid century houses and art deco buildings than pretty much any other city on the planet.  so what, as a weird architectural blogger, do i do?  take pictures of abandoned buildings and, as is the case today, a korean presbyterian one room church.  why?  i’m not sure.

i love the iconic architecture in l.a, and i try to take pictures of iconic buildings every now and then.  but for some reason i’m more interested in the accidental architecture, the buildings that we drive by and never give a second glance.

again, i really love l.a’s remarkable and beautiful architecture, it’s inspired art deco and mid century houses and buildings.  but it’s these odd and ignored little buildings that make me love the randomness of los angeles.  the houses and buildings that hover just on the vaguely wrong side of entropy, untroubled by too much attention (ironic, sort of, as i’m giving them what could be seen as the wrong kind of possibly patronizing hipster attention).

so, a korean presbyterian one room church.  architecturally unremarkable.  but stark and strange and remarkable in what it says about los angeles.  a-that l.a is still possessed of enough cheap real estate that korean presbyterians can rent a cheap little one room house for their crumbly church.  b-that there are korean presbyterians(korea seemingly quite far away from scotland and the land of john calvin).  i grew up being dragged to presbyterian churches in connecticut.  they didn’t look like this.  c-that los angeles is a true and bizarre and baffling melting pot of ethnicities and cultures and religions and architectural styles.

this crumbly korean presbyterian church is in east hollywood, a neighborhood populated largely by armenians, latinos, people from thailand, hipsters, scientologists, coyotes, old actors, russians, azerbaijanis, young actors, koreans, shaggy palm trees, jacarandas, and etc and etc and etc.

the accidental and effortless diversity here is both amazing and baffling.  and that’s probably why i love crumbly korean presbyterian churches in the middle of an armenian latino thai hipster neighborhood where coyotes sit under street lights at 3 a.m. l.a only makes sense when you stop expecting it to make sense.


I couldn’t agree with this post more!


An Architectural Canvas of Shipping Containers Painted With Greek Gods by Pichi & Avo

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